Hello fellow Kansas PTA Units & Officers! We wanted to share information with you regarding a
fundraising opportunity that you may want to check out! Kansas PTA is once again working
with GameTime Fundraisers in conducting the Back2Football Fundraiser benefiting local PTAs.
There is no obligation to participate. But we wanted you to be aware of this exciting opportunity.
$5 from every item sold will be donated back to your PTA!!!
There is no cost to sign-up!
No up front monies required!
No distribution necessary!
All products will be delivered directly to people’s home or billing address.
PTA gets the information out to parents/staff – they go online and make their
PTA makes a profit! Super easy!!
Featured items are Kansas City Chiefs team masks,
as well as Super Bowl Champs t-shirts and hats.
(New products being added weekly!)
With face coverings being mandating for all students, teachers and parents, (even if you’re going
to the grocery store), we thought this could be a creative way for your PTA to raise funds online
and let parents/students/teachers show their love for the Chiefs!
For a preview, of all products offered,
go to: www.gametimefundraisers.com
For more information or to sign-up,
email info@gametimefundraisers.com
or give them a call at 1-877-999-7978.
Go Chiefs!

© 2020 GameTime Fundraisers

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