National PTA School of Excellence is a recognition program that supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being of all students.


The enrollment period for the 2023-2024 National PTA School of Excellence program is now closed.
Once enrolled, your PTAs will gain access to all of the tools needed to run their School of Excellence program. Local PTAs are encouraged to enroll early to start building their Excellence Teams and to familiarize themselves with the program process.


What Does it Take to Become a National PTA School of Excellence?

By enrolling in this program, your PTA and school administrators are making a year-long commitment in identifying and implementing an action plan for school improvement based on PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Schools that exhibit improvement are honored as National PTA Schools of Excellence, a distinction that spans two years. Honorees receive celebration tools well as automatic consideration for the Phoebe Apperson Hearst award of $2000 for their schools. After two years, schools are able and encouraged to renew their designation.

Your School of Excellence designation will help attract new, action-oriented PTA members who want to focus on the issues that affect our children the most. And being a National PTA School of Excellence will open the door to other honors and opportunities for your school.

Step 1: Enroll and Gain Support (Enroll by Oct. 15)
Step 2: Deploy Baseline Survey (Sep. –Nov.)
Step 3: Set a Shared Objective (Sep. –Nov.)
Step 4: Complete Initial Application (Submit by Nov. 1)
Step 5: Follow Roadmap to Excellence (Throughout School Year)
Step 6: Deploy Final Survey (March –June)
Step 7: Complete Final Application (Submit by June 1)
Step 8: Celebrate Your Excellence (Aug.)

Contact or call (800)307-4782 for more info.

What Schools Say About the Program

The School of Excellence Program is a powerful tool that can benefit everyone. It brings to light ways that the school/PTA can improve, but it also celebrates successes. It can be a visual reminder of everything we have accomplished together as a school and PTA.
– Lee Heinerikson, Thomas B. Chinn Elementary Principal, Missouri

This program has opened up important dialogues that will positively impact our school community. In some areas it has validated our work. In some areas, it has brought things to our attention that we hadn’t considered.
– Christopher Moretti, Hawley Elementary School Principal, Connecticut