Hello Kansas PTA Units!

As you may know, Kansas PTA has entered into an agreement with MemberHub for your use as a PTA Unit, and communication ease with Kansas PTA when you are submitting membership, membership dues, and required documentation, such as your 990 submission and annual audit.

Kansas PTA requires all units use MemberHub for membership submission, membership dues, and documentation notification.

MemberHub does provide additional tools for you that make it easier to run your PTA and engage your families with PTA.  You are not obligated to use the additional features of MemberHub (selling items, creating directories, and communicating with your membership, etc).  MemberHub is FREE to you.

If you are currently using a different system, we understand, but your membership and dues must be submitted to the state through MemberHub.

Want some help setting up or using MemberHub? MemberHub’s Help Center is full of articles and videos, but if you want even more information or personalized assistance beyond submitting a support request, check out these opportunities to learn more and get help with your MemberHub site, store, fundraisers, people, hubs, members, compliance…and more!

Please click here for our Kansas PTA MemberHub Guide!

  1. Go to this link for recorded Training Sessions
    • Bookmark this link and check back for new Online Training Sessions and updated recorded sessions.
  2. Daily Online Workshops
  3. Personalized 1-on-1 Session
    • All units are encouraged to take advantage of a free 1-on-1 session with one of MemberHub’s CSMs. This is an amazing way to get personalized assistance and advice for any unit just getting started or looking to use more of the many features available in MemberHub (store setup, adding people, using hubs, sending newsletters, creating a fundraiser, etc.). Schedule your personalized session now!

If you’re looking for ideas, check out MemberHub’s Facebook page to see how other PTAs are using their MemberHub sites, stores, and fundraisers, and don’t forget to follow the Community topics where you can ask questions and engage in conversation with other PTA leaders across the country! 

Set up your Unit Account/Log In:

To log in, please open and set up your unit’s account with MemberHub.

  • Your MemberHub site is here:
  • Entering Officers into MemberHub 

REMINDER FOR 2019-2020 OFFICERS: Whether you’re passing the torch or continuing your term, don’t forget to keep the torch lit by adding all of your 2020-2021 officers to your Officers page in MemberHub as soon as possible. Each officer needs to be added to the list with their personal email address and contact info for each year they hold office, and all current and past officers must remain on the list for insurance and historical purposes.

How to Add an Officer – MemberHub Help Center

Personal vs. PTA Email Addresses – MemberHub Help Center

Entering Members into MemberHub

Entering PTA Members: https://support.memberhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001448274-Enter-PTA-Members-Cash-Check-

Importing “Contacts”: For ease in entering your membership information, you can import an excel spreadsheet into “People” (not a membership import) and then when you start to enter members names into the system, it will start to auto-populate them for you which will reduce your entry time. MemberHub has provided detailed instructions here:  https://support.memberhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/203194279-Import-Contact-Information

If you have a member who does not want to be contacted and therefore did not give you an email address or a telephone number, you may enter a phone number such as (111) 111-1111 (and then 1112 and then 1113) as long as you do not duplicate a phone number that is already entered for a different member in your group.

  • Pay Your State Dues & Setting Up Your Unit’s WePay account:

MemberHub partners with Wepay, a Chase Bank-owned company to process all payments.  If you have not set up your WePay account, you will need to follow the Comprehensive State Payment Guide and How to Pay Your State Dues below.

Please follow the instructions closely.

  • Annual Audit & IRS 990: 

Once you have completed your annual audit and 990; please date and upload in MemberHub. https://support.memberhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049543953-How-to-keep-your-PTA-in-compliance-with-state-PTA-requirements.

Your annual audit is due by November 15th.

Your IRS 990 must be completed and submitted no later than November 15th.

  • What is a Hub?

Hubs are the primary place that you will connect with groups, organizations, classes, etc.


Setting up a Hub is easy: https://support.memberhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001996654-Create-and-Setup-Hubs

  • Setting up Your PTA Store

Three steps to get your PTA Store started.


  • Additional MemberHub Features:

Once your membership is established in MemberHub, you will have the opportunity to send out reminder notices to your members next year, reminding them to join PTA.  MemberHub also offers many additional features, such as members directory, selling items, communicating with your members, etc.

  • Givebacks makes it possible for local businesses to support your organization through everyday purchases by your supporters.
    • With your approval, businesses can list special offers in your e-store – things like $20 for $40 worth of pizza, or 30% off a summer camp session exclusively for your community.
    • The best part: Up to 20% of every purchase goes right back to your organization.
    • Givebacks is included in your MemberHub account, and there’s nothing you have to learn. It all happens in your MemberHub e-store. No extra work required. No strings attached. Seriously.
    • Learn how to get started with Givebacks.
  • MemberHub offers a toolkit designed to help PTAs communicate the features and benefits of MemberHub to educate and increase adoption.  You can find it here: http://info.memberhub.com/memberhub-marketing-toolkit.  To access the toolkit; enter the password:  backtoschool
  • MemberHub also offers many features within the platform to support you while you are getting started.  Go to:  support.memberhub.comand just type in your question or type in “live” for scheduled webinars and trainings.

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